At Blue Moon Media, llc., we are an exclusive supplier of Nel-Tech Labs technology.    Have you ever been on-hold with a company via your cell phone and the signal clips in and out and is very inconsistent?   Well, part of that is available cellular bandwidth for sure, but the Nel-Tech technology combats and compensates for fluctuating bandwidths and drops.    We offer the simplest units that load via a non-proprietary USB thumb drive, or more sophisticated units that can be loaded remotely from the Blue moon Studios.   It's your choice.  Again, technology that will make a difference in your on-hold presence.


  • Standard two hour minimum deposition rate - $200.                                            (additional hours billed at $65./hr.)
  • Closed captioning billed at $1.75/min. (zero latency 99.9% accurate)
  • Corporate video / media production estimates and billing determined on a per project basis (heck, some projects take more than others - understandable, right?)
  • Three minute corporate package - Product demonstration / Corporate image - Introduction bulled at a package price that includes everything for $750.  Call for details.
  • Message on hold production - based on time and length of the message.  (The longer the message the more BMM,llc. needs to pay the talent).
  • Digital Message on hold equipment - Packages start at $300.
  • 8 or 16mm film transferred at .14 per foot.   A standard 8mm mini reel of 50ft is $7.
  • VHS / 8mm / Hi8 Video transferred at $40/60min.
  • Call today for more details, rates and examples.


  • 1 day turnaround on most depositions - four hours or less delivered within 24 hours. (thus, never a RUSH fee!)
  • Time-code window-burn versions for quick access to media from transcripts.
  • Closed-Captioning available.
  • Full production service.
  • LIVE and embedded streaming available.
  • 8 & 16mm Film transfer service
  • Business grade message on-hold production service and equipment sales. 

No contracts necessary . . . unless you want them! 

At Blue Moon Media, one of the ways we service your corporate presence through professionally produced message on hold production.    Often, to many customers the first impression of your business.  So let's put your best foot forward from the beginning!  At Blue Moon Media we work through a well established national talent base to assure your message on-hold is unique to you and your business.  At every step providing audition samples customized to your business so you can choose the talent that best suits your company image.   However, If you have a talent preference (like someone you've used in the past), we'll secure them for your project. No Problem.     Call today for production samples and estimate

Blue Moon Media, LLC

Mike Phillips is the principle owner of Blue Moon Media, llc.   Mike has been working in media and media production for the past 27 years in Fort Wayne and the surrounding N.E. Indiana Communities.   Having a reputation as a "go to guy" for media and deposition production, Mike offers the experience and expertise to bring your project, no matter how large or small, from concept to completion. 

Having worked for some of the largest firms in the area and nationally, Mike and BMM, llc.,will surely deliver the results you are looking for.   Excellence.